Dear Friends,

the Prologue of the Gospel according to John is perhaps the loftiest theological text in the entire New Testament. It is no coincidence that until the liturgical reform of Paul VI, every celebration of the Mass concluded precisely with the reading of the Initium Sancti Evangelii secundum Joannem, as if to summarize the Divine Truth believed and celebrated in that Last Gospel.

The mystery of the Incarnate Word, of the Divine Logos becoming man, is narrated by the evangelist John in words and expressions of eternal beauty and theological poetry. Likewise voiced in the Johannine Prologue, however, is the world’s rejection of the Lord: “He came among his people, but his own did not receive him” (Jn 1:11).

This is the verse we have chosen on purpose for the Advent and Christmas 2022 Fundraising Campaign because the Observatory is aware that it is operating “in a world increasingly hostile to Christ”: in a formerly Christian Europe that has long experienced apostasy (more or less silently), the triumph of secularism, forms of neo-paganism, and the cultural-political dominance of the liberal-radical ideology intrinsically hostile to Christianity.

The Observatory’s commitment is to continue, indeed to intensify and expand the work of its intellectual apostolate in the field of SDC. Let us not be intimidated, let us not be discouraged. Ever more convinced and tenacious must be our commitment to the social kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, rejected by the world, welcomed by us. Let us not be shocked if even “His own did not welcome Him” (Jn 1:11), let us commit ourselves to welcoming Him in all His Royal Power.

In this common commitment to Catholic militancy, the Observatory extends heartfelt best wishes to you and your families for a Holy Christmas and a 2023 abounding with grace and blessings.”

In Christ always;

Rev. Samuel Cecotti

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