The Management Board, upon the proposal of the President, Dr. Giordano Faccincani, has unanimously decided to entrust the Observatory Van Thuân to the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, consecrating the Observatory and “its family” to her Immaculate Heart. During this time of exceptional ordeals and trials, individuals as well as human societies, communities and public institutions must combine unflagging commitment for the common good  with a no lesser supernatural spirit of entrustment to God in prayer.

For this reason the Observatory, an international scientific institute pursuing  studies, research and dissemination in the theological realm of the Social Doctrine of the Church, intends to entrust its renewed intellectual, editorial and didactic commitment to God through the secure mediation of the Immaculate Virgin.

This Act of Consecration is underwritten by the President of the Observatory and all the members of the Management Board today, 13 May 2002, the feast of our Lady of Fatima.



Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, to Your Immaculate Heart do we consecrate ourselves and the International Observatory on the Social Doctrine of the Church bearing the name of Venerable Cardinal François Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân, all the members of the editorial board, the collaborators who work for it, or have worked for it down through the years, and the great “family” of the friends of the Observatory.
Oh Mary Immaculate, take the Observatory “Van Thuân” under Your maternal protection, help us to overcome temptation and preserve  concordant unison in service to the Truth, and render us incisive instruments of evangelization for the coming to be of the social Kingdom of Your Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
May Your Immaculate Heart be our haven and our journey leading us to God, whose holy will must be done “on heaven and on earth”.
Teach us the ways of self-sacrifice – out of love for Our King Jesus Christ, Eternal Incarnated Logos – in the intellectual apostolate and in the commitment for the dissemination of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

During this time of the pandemia and the grave economic, social, political, cultural and spiritual crisis afflicting Italy, Europe and the world at large, we turn to Your Immaculate Heart, beseeching Your maternal intercession so that soon reflourishing may be that Christian Civilization where the light of the Gospel enlightens families, intermediary bodies, nations and states.
Through Your intercession – and in unison with the Sacred Heart of Your Divine Son – obtain for us the grace so the Observatory may remain ever intent on being at God’s service in the courageous and unbiased proclamation of the Truth that makes us free.

Oh Most Holy Virgin Mother, we place our prayer at your feet. We implore the grace of Your maternal and heavenly protection upon the Founder and President Emeritus of the Observatory, Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, upon we the members of the Management Board, upon the members of the Editorial Board, upon all collaborators, upon their families and ours, and upon that vast “family” of friends, supporters, readers and benefactors that has been forming around the Observatory down through the years.

Trieste, 13 May A.D. 2020

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

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